Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Caution .... Construction Zone

Giving my blog some much needed tuning up! One of those things is a new name and banner since The 3 B's can no longer be.......with a 4th coming :) It's in the beginning stages and I have to take it  little steps at a time due to the fact that staring at the computer screen and adjusting widths and codes is NOT on the top of my list for favorite things to do during my 2 hr break........
(I.E. My 1 yr old's NAPTIME)

And since there is no way I can justify paying someone to design an adorable blog FOR me (for not such a small fee!!!) it is up to myself to figure it all out :) A Blog is a place to share life, experiences and simply write and I don't like when it starts becoming all about money. blah! 


If bloggers out there want to share how they make there "pages tabs" at the top of the page so cute just leave me a comment :) 

Thanks friends! Stop by soon to see the finished product!!! Until then I will continue to blog in the construction phase :) 


Rosie said...

There's a tutorial I used, but in the end I made it one solid picture before using image maps (there's a website....free...to do this). The only downside is then you have to keep your page names the same. I left this design element to last.

Hope that helps.

Rosie x

Mrs Hurley said...

I'm cleaning up my blog too. Was going to change the name but I can't think of one yet. Good luck my dear