Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Pins~

As soon as my nausea lifts for even a second I find myself shoveling food in my mouth......mmmmmkay. 

So while I sit her eating I am pinning all food and the best part is....IT ALL LOOKS SO GOOD! 
Love when I feel better even for a minute!

Heirloom tomato salad....especially with a drissle of olive oil and balsamic. I could eat this all day!

Yummmmm! I love these different ingredients in sandwiches. Reminds me of France where they put hard boiled eggs and green beans in there too!

Zucchini Ribbon salad with feta. YES please!

Smokey sweet potato burgers. Doing these this week for SURE!

Tangled Thai salad

Nectarine and Balsamic pizza

MMmmmm I could keep going! And the sad thing is we will have left overs tonight. haha. 

Happy Sunday!!!!

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