Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sprouts Farmer's Market

I think I've written about this before....but quite seriously, I love love love Sprouts.
(The grocery store not the bean sprout.....though they are ok too....)

 I mainly love their produce and meat departments. I still get most of my packaged goods from winco....simple because I don't want to pay $2 more for the same exact pretzels.....but you really can't beat the freshness of their meat and produce. At first I was thinking to myself, "Great......I am falling in love with yet another place that's going to cost me a ton of money...." 

But SERIOUSLY their prices are incredible. I got so tired of paying for produce at Winco just for it to rot the next day ....gross.

I have a great little routine of "randomly" going at lunchtime so I can order a $3.99 sandwich and have it made while I shop. So good!

So!!!! If you haven't checked out your local Sprouts go shopping and get a sandwich!!! 

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