Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I LOVE the 4th of July! This is a picture from Normandy.

Apart from Christmas it is my favorite holiday. I love the memories, traditions and overall festivities of 4th of July. Growing up my parents used to wake us kids up with BLARING John Philip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever". We used to march around in our pajamas waving flags and pretending they were intruments (is this odd? LOL)! But to this day, on 4th of July morning, it is fun to turn on that music and know my siblings are all doing the same thing at home with their kids. But most of all I love what today symbolizes. FREEDOM

We are free because of the sacrifices of so many, and it is a great day to honor and remember that. But I can't help but rejoice that this is a beautiful symbolism of an even great truth. That even if all this was taken away, the freedom that reigns true in my heart is that I have freedom in Christ. My security and hope lay in Him and Him alone. He died the sacrificial death to give us an eternity of being with God...FREEDOM in him and no longer bound to sin. How great!

Enjoy your families, festivities and freedom today! What traditions do you do with your family!?!


Jon Oates said...

Yes we didthis this morning.:) nice post

Heather G. said...

Yeah that is weird but who cares?! Sounds so fun!