Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's just one of those days...but still a day that God has given me

I always appreciate honest blogs. It almost irritates me when I read blogs where the mother of 4 made the perfect dinner in her perfectly (clean) and decorated house in her adorable outfit. It is not about appearing perfect, but sharing life in the ups and the downs, the excitements and failures. 

On that note,....today has been well-- ya. I'm writing this from my couch and my brain is so foggy I keep rereading what I've written to make sure it makes sense. Woke up with a bad cold yesterday and unfortunately today it's still goin, but now baby girl is sick too. It's hard to be sick with  a baby (especially when they don't feel well either....lets just face it you're both over the whole day before it's even noon). 

It's hard because they have no radar for you not feeling well. They still require the same chasing, feeding, playing with and attention as usual. It's not hard because I don't feel like doing it, but because I am trying to will my body to have energy! 

She decided this morning to forgo her nap (always helpful right?) so I decided to run out to target to get wipes. As usual, target my cart did not just have wipes in it but a million other things and then they convinced me to sign up for their RED depit card. So as my child is crying I'm filling out paper work and HOPING she'll fall asleep in the car as usual. Well no, of course not!  To add more fun I tripped over the curb with all my groceries in front of a bunch of old people who then proceeded to tell me all their stories of times they've tripped. I've decided to be thankful that my toe is not broken :) 

So now we are back...and here is my house. I almost decided to post on some recipes I made the other day since it would be pretty and put together. But we're being honest right? Well, I'm eating a bowl of cereal looking at this...

I wish I could just cuddle up on the couch and drink tea...but off I go to to tackle this mess and chase my sweet girl as she dumps over our trash can!


Whitney Hanners said...

Annie.... I love you! I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes sitting on the couch sounds far better than cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc. :) Hope you ladies are feeling better! <3

Anne Beaumont said...

Thanks love!!!! so looking forward to seeing you this weekend! :) YEA for baby girl!!!!!!!!