Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nature's Teething Ring!

I used to think it was disgusting when I would see other people's babies sucking on the rind of watermelon...."How unsanitary!" I thought. But then I tried it.

I wash the outside of the watermelon and then when I'm cutting up pieces for us I just save pieces of rind and put them in a baggie in the fridge. I leave just a little bit of pink on it for sweetness. She LOVES it! I think it must have to do with the consistency of it. One side is glossy and the other side she can dig into with her hurting teeth. Plus it's cold and slightly sweet. It entertains her for SO LONG! I will often give it to her in the car when she is usually really fussy. Well, there you go! No more money spent on teething rings for us! At least not during summer! Just thought I would share with all my mommy friends!

**NOTE! If your baby has more than 2 teeth they may need lots of supervision while sucking! My nephew can literally eat the rind as well**


Whitney Hanners said...

I tried this after you showed me and she loved it :)

Joyce Tai said...

too cuteee!!

Jenifer said...

what a great idea!