Friday, July 20, 2012


Friday Letters...

Dear Husband, work so hard every day so that I can stay home with our baby. I am SO grateful for you. I love that you come home and spend your time playing with Jules and asking about my day. I admire and respect you so much!
Dear Juliana, you are precious in every way. I love your giggles and your new discoveries every day. I love that you try to kiss my mouth with your wide open slobbery mouth -- melts my heart! 
Dear God, you are what we live for. Thank you for your provisions for us in every way. I am learning and growing every day and I want to honor you with my life.
Dear New House, I am so excited to make you our new home! I am sorry we are ripping you apart but it will only make you stronger in the end hehe! I can't wait to start painting and decorating and most importantly, make new memories under your roof!
Dear Old House (i.e. tiny apartment), I know that over the years I have often complained about your lack of space issues and the fact that there is no washer or dryer here. But in all honesty I have LOVED living here. I love that this is where we first lived after our time in India and that this is where I spent my evenings last summer plopped on the couch with my huge belly and a bowl and watermelon. I love that this is where we brought our new baby home to and where we have watched her roll over, crawl and now walk. And although I will not particularly miss the dogs barking below us or the tire place as our next door neighbor...I can honestly say I will miss you and my little family's evening walks around you!
Dear Blogging World, this is all very new to me but I am really enjoying seeing the community of amazing women here! I'm sorry that I can't figure out how to link things correctly and probably make you look bad but I promise I will get there!!!
Dear Readers, Thank you for stopping by my baby blog (that's what I'm calling it until I have more than....ummm lets say, 8 followers! haha!) I so appreciate you reading and look forward to connecting with you in the future!!!!

Happy Friday!!!! 

Friday Letters


LeiShell said...

Aaaw, that was cute to read! We moved from a tiny house to a much bigger house and at the other one I didn't have a dish washer...oh the things to love about that! It is nice to have hard working hubby's too! And I've been blogging for not quite a year, but really it takes practice! I am still not there! Love your blog though, keep it up!

Anne Beaumont said...

Your blog looks great!!!!! I have to give myself a time limit every day otherwise I'll spend waaaay too much time looking at other people's blogs and trying to figure out how the heck they did stuff! Thank you for the encouragement....too sweet!