Monday, July 2, 2012

Picture Wall Hanging

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to do my own rendition of it. For the original piece click Here!

I loved the idea instantly because I have a box of wedding pictures in a cupboard not being used, plus large frames are so expensive. I like the one from her blog a lot! But I decided I wanted it to look a bit more like a piece of art so I went with wood instead of foam board. We (the Hubs was so sweet to help out!) went to Home Depot and picked out the piece of wood that was a good size for our wall. Then I sanded down the edges so they were smooth and spray painted it black. You could do any color but since I was trying to give the illusion of a frame I chose black.

Once dry I spaced out the pictures in a general spot so I could get an idea of spacing.

SPACING was much more important than I realized! I was hoping I could just eye ball it and be done with In order to get the look of a frame the spaces between and around need to be the same. So spend some time making marks and making sure it lines up FIRST!

I used blue tape which made it really easy to line the picture right up to it. At first I tried putting the picture down with double sided tape but after TWO WHOLE rows they all popped off because of the wood :( So I started again and used a small dab of Mod Podge and then placed something heavy on top to hold it down.

Then I cut small strips of white paper that were the exact size of my between space.

Here's a picture of how I used things to hold it down while I continued working. If you want to lay a piece of parchment paper down first to protect your pictures you can do that too.

Once they are all where you want them and stuck down slightly, get a bigger, smooth brush and begin to go over the entire thing with the Mod Podge. You may need to use a smaller brush for the edges of the pictures to make sure in the future they don't pop up.

Once dry, hang it up! You're done!!!! I LOVE how it looks on our wall. It's like a wedding album for everyone to see :) 

Thank you so much to my Mother-in-Law who helped me with this!


Jenifer Cassella said...

Anne, you are so crafty! Very cute!

abby said...

So cute! Love it.