Friday, July 13, 2012

My (good) little eater.....not !

My daughter is a terrible eater. From the get go she seemed to want to have her own way when it came to eating. We fought our way through 6 months of nursing until she would do it without screaming, arching and clenching her teeth. Now that we are onto solids it's the same story. Every time a spoonful of food gets near her mouth she purses her lips and turns away (we have done this for hours!) BUT........she DOES like to play (emphasis) on PLAY with finger food. Some gets in her mouth though!!!!!!
Her mid-throw! The food doesn't stay on the tray for long.
Her new thing is once she's had a couple bites she starts wiping all the food off the tray onto the ground.....lovely.
This explains her 7th weight percentile!!! But I'm continuing to try new things to get her to eat. Praying this is a phase :) :) :) Gotta love her sweet little face no matter what!

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